Frau Lumberwulf

“Ingrid Birch was an aspiring lumberjack with a love for the deep forests near her home. As Ingrid wearily stumbled back to her cabin one night after a long day of physical exertion, she tripped and rolled down a hill, only coming to rest when her arm was caught by a bear trap. Several days went by with no sign of a search party. She lost hope, and gained resentment that she could just be forgotten by her friends so easily. To compound her terrible luck, she was set upon by a pack of werewolves.

Now a new werewolf prowls the woods, swinging a logging axe with her one good arm. Ingrid vowed not to forget that her friends left her for dead, and now Frau Lumberwulf will make sure that everyone else pays for it.”

Frau Lumberwulf is one of the 8 Overlords that players can choose in Overlords of Infamy. Stay tuned as we’ll be introducing new Overlords throughout the coming weeks!