Duke Daemonhammer


Named for his appearance, Duke Daemonhammer has been terrorizing civilizations for centuries. At least that is what people would have you believe. Truthfully, the Duke has no interest in being the evil creature that his bloodline would suggest, though he understands why the locals fear him. His true calling, however, is for the culinary arts. In fact, the hammer he carries is just an elaborate meat mallet.

Once per year, the Kingdom of Good hosts a region-wide bake-off. The Duke felt that it was time to reach out to the citizenry to show that he was not the monster they were led to believe, and he would also get a chance to show off his baking skills!

Daemonhammer spent the following weeks perfecting recipes until he had made a top-notch soufflé.

The Duke marched off to the Kingdom of Good with his soufflé in hand and a smile on his face. The people of the Kingdom were not nearly as happy to see him and he was to be there. They threw rocks at him, chased him from the city and trampled his soufflé. At long last Duke Daemonhammer was convinced that he would never be accepted by the common folk. Perhaps it would not be such a bad idea to embrace his demonhood after all…




DRAFTING: At any time during his turn, Duke Daemonhammer may trade two food Resources to place one Lackey in his Barracks. This does not cost an Action Point and can be activated any number of times per turn.