Lord Aether


Contrary to popular belief, Magic has only existed on Planet Fred for a few thousand years.

Following its spontaneous arrival, it found its way into the hut of Agatha Aether, just as she was giving birth to her son, Arthur. Magic bonded to Arthur immediately, hiding itself behind his eyes.
In his late teens, the Magic reemerged, painfully welling up inside of him. Fearful for his well-being, the kind people of his village tried to help Arthur, but without warning, the Magic exploded out of him. When the dust settled, Arthur Aether lay at the center of a crater. Nothing, and no one, remained, but for a charred ruin stretching out a ways in each direction.

Upon the ashes of his old village he built a fortress of pure Conjure Ore in which he would live in solitude. Magic sustained him for over 3000 years, giving him unnaturally long life. However, so much time spent alone tends to warp a man’s mind. Driven by insanity, Arthur Aether is now ready to demonstrate how his mastery of Magic makes him the rightful Overlord of Planet Fred…


Conjure Ore


TRANSMOGRIFY: Once per turn, Lord Aether may trade two Conjure Ore for any one resource, except for a Lackey. This does not cost an Action Point.