The Menace in Metal


While digging in his backyard, little Jimmy Steel unearthed a musty suit of armor. To his surprise, the armor spoke to him, entreating him to put it on. It promised power and magic, and everything else a little boy could desire. Jimmy’s curiosity won out, and he hastily climbed inside the suit.

The armor did not lie to him; it indeed made him more powerful. However, it also bonded to his flesh and became impossible to remove. The armor twisted Jimmy’s mind, corrupting him, until he became a champion of all that is evil and chaotic. The little boy that was Jimmy Steel is gone; he now exists as The Menace in Metal.




ARMOR PLATING: When The Menace in Metal’s Lackeys would be killed by the Adventuing Hero, instead place them in his Barracks. All other game effects still apply.