“The Relic known as the “Coiled Clockwork Contraption” is a hyper-intelligent machine with malicious motives. However, it too feels the sensation of loneliness. To experience the benefits of companionship, the A.I. built Viletron and programmed her to love him. For a time, all was well and the two were happy, but all things must end. The Contraption decided it was finished with its experiment and cast Viletron out.

Viletron was distraught. Though she was a capable and independent woman, she could not fight that she was programmed to love something that no longer wanted her. She grew bitter and cold, taking out the rage from rejection on anyone unfortunate enough to cross her path. However, she still could not bring herself to hate the Coiled Clockwork Contraption. In fact, it still sometimes teams up with her, when her Nefarious Plots amuse him. Viletron is determined to force the same misery she feels onto everyone she can…”

Viletron is the last of the 8 Overlords that players can choose in Overlords of Infamy. However, stay tuned for more exciting news in the coming weeks!