The Dead Pirate Robhearts


In order to earn a decent wage, Roberta Seaheart worked herself delirious aboard the “Easy Target”, a caravel belonging to a wealthy merchant. It was a tough and thankless job, but she was good at it, and found that she took pride in putting in a hard day’s work. Roberta subjected herself to the harsh sea not for herself, but for her true love, Wesley. Wesley’s gambling debts had caught up to him, and he found himself indentured to a cruel warlord. Roberta did not hesitate for even a moment before putting herself in harm’s way to pay for his release.

After a few months, she had earned enough, needing only to return home from their final shipment. Unfortunately for Roberta, the “Easy Target” ran afoul of Mistress Deepgills as she was practicing a magical ritual. A mystical maelstrom swallowed up the ship, the crew, and Roberta herself. Despite the crushing weight of the sea and the grievous wounds she suffered, Roberta willed herself not to die. Her burning desire to see her love mixed with the remaining magical energy left over from Deepgills’ spell to fulfill her wish. The magic pulled her from the depths and deposited her on shore. She woke to discover that she was not dead, but nor was she alive, instead stuck somewhere in between. Using the remains of her former crewmates, she patched up her wounds (and missing limbs) before making her way to buy Wesley’s release from his unwilling servitude.

Wesley was repulsed but what he saw, and rejected her on sight. He preferred to remain indentured than to go with such an abomination. For the second time in as many days, Roberta was crushed. If her heart could beat, it would have stopped right there. From that day forward, Roberta Seaheart was no more, replaced by The Dead Pirate Robhearts, sailing with a crew as undead as she, and determined to rid the world of the love and happiness that she had lost…




PRESS-GANGING: If during any other Overlord’s turn, one or more Lackeys were discarded for any reason, The Dead Pirate Robhearts may add a single Lackey to her Barracks from her Lackey Pool during that Overlord’s End Phase.