Mistress Deepgills


Mistress Deepgills’ birth parents considered her to be a monster. She was born with blue skin and webbed feet– ill portents, if the weak-minded townsfolk could be believed. Fearing what she might become, her loving family cast their days old daughter into the sea, believing that they had washed their hands of her.

However, as fortune would have it, she was found by a pod of Narwhals. The sea beasts raised her as their own, even imbuing her with their magic so that she could breathe underwater and speak to the sea animals. From these humble beginnings, Deepgills amassed an army of marine life and now turns her sights back toward solid ground. She’ll show the world just how right they were to fear her…




FLOODING: At the beginning of the Hero Phase of her turn, Mistress Deepgills may discard 1 water resource to move one of her Lackeys from a Contested Area or Map Tile in her Zone of Influence to an adjacent Contested Area or Map Tile within her Zone of Influence. She may then harvest the associated Basic Resource or Recruit a Lackey, as shown on the new tile.