Misery Loves Company – Now on Kickstarter!

Congratulations, Evil Overlords! You’ve done an admirable job spreading misery to all corners of Planet Fred. The population trembles at your cruel domination and heroes flee the sound of your soul-crushing boots. Or your great, stomping claws. Or your adorable little white paws.

But there’s one thing we know is true:

Misery Loves Company.

The desperate wails of Planet Fred’s people have not gone unheard.

From deep in the bowels of a moderately active volcano, a Dragon has awakened to the suffering of the people. Huff, the Tragic Dragon peers out through the intermittent smoke…

Overlords of Infamy: Misery Loves Company is a filled-to-bursting expansion pack to the base game, Overlords of Infamy, adding in new five new playable Overlords, a host of new Nefarious Plots, World Events, and Hero’s Quests to keep your games fresh and unpredictable.

On top of all that, players will now have the chance to take on the role of Huff, The Tragic Dragon and be a force of chaos, wreaking havoc all over Planet Fred! That’s right, Misery Loves Company allows for up to 6 players to get into the action!

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Misery Loves Company Kickstarter